What makes Classy Cat Entertainment the Perfect Partner?

We love the relationships we have with our friends and colleagues in the wedding industry. They're not only a testament to our business success, but the overall success of our client's event. When a team of hired service providers can work cohesively, everyone takes notice which is why we made it our mission to make our fellow wedding professionals' jobs easier and more fun!

When you work with or refer Classy Cat Entertainment:
  • We will contact or touch base with everyone on the vendor team before the event to make sure everyone is on the same page, how to reach us and when to expect our arrival at the event
  • We will learn, in advance, any requirements for loading in and out of a venue, and will adjust to any other vendor setup requirements that are a bit more complex
  • We will have a polished and clean look to our area; taping down and tightening up wires for look and safety, and using residual-free gaffer's tape or carpeted mats to prevent tripping or accidental unplugging of our equipment by vendors or guests
  • We will follow all community rules regarding sound and noise ordinances so every can be happy and enjoy their evening
  • We will work with wedding planners and coordinators to help guide, inform and direct guests, and stepping into the leadership role for communicating with all parties when necessary
  • We will make sure all vendors, wedding party members and "key players" are present and ready to perform a given task so nobody misses an important moment
  • Adhering to the event plan and timeline as close to the original plan, but being flexible to accommodate and last minute changes or surprises
  • We will solve and problems or challenges that arise quickly, calmly and capably
  • We will end the event on-time and get packed up and out the door in a diligent and timely manner

We know that when you refer anther company, you're putting your own reputation at risk - which is why we make absolutely certain you're glad that you recommended us. We look for every opportunity to refer prospective or current clients to you, because we want to work with you and support your business success as you've supported ours. If we can every be of service to you, we're always glad to help!

Vendors We Love

The list you see below is a running list vendors we've had the pleasure of working with and would love to work with again. Please reach out to these vendors and let them know Classy Cat Entertainment sent you. It would be great for them to know!