The Reception

After you and your wedding party have recessed back up the aisle to conclude the ceremony portion of the celebration, your guests will head to the reception venue or location for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. As they enter the space, the mood will be set by a curated list of your favorite genres of music. The mood is lively and upbeat, and your guests are buzzing with excitement for what's to follow.

Your room is beautifully decorated and the color scheme has come together as you've chosen the perfect color of uplighting for the walls and architecture of the space. Your centerpieces and dessert table are elegantly lit with the perfect color temperature of pinspot lighting. As your guests enter the room, they will receive a visual "wow factor" not only because the lighting and decor is stunning and perfect, but the DJ booth elegantly fits the space as it should!

Your Grand Entrance is in true-to-you fashion whether it be high energy or a subtle yet effective way to lead right into your first dance as a newly-wed couple. As the toasting portion of the evening begins, wireless microphones will be provided to those friends and family you've selected to give a brief toast. After toasts and as the dinner portion of the evening begins, your curated dinner list will fade up to a comfortable level as you and your guests dine to your favorite genres of music.

Once all formalities have been completed, the lights will come down, the music will become more present near the dance floor, and the decor lighting will change as we invite your closest friends and family to dance the night away with you!

How does Classy Cat sound?