Classy Cat Ceremonies

Let’s create a tailored and unique ceremony that will remain unforgettable for decades to come.

Meet Lynette

Officiant Extraordinaire

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There are 4 ceremony packages to choose from...

Perfect for a wedding at City Hall, elopements, or couples who just want to keep it simple. Lynette will meet with you for an hour, walk through the ceremony from start to finish, and find the perfect ceremony in her repertoire to fit you!
Through one hour of consultation and 2 questionnaires, Lynette can help create a ceremony that has been tailored for you. While it won't include your unique and original love story, each element of the ceremony will have been selected based on your desires. There will also be mini-customizations and inclusion of details from your relationship. Lynette will deliver the ceremony with warmth and grace.
DIY Couture
Today, many couples are writing their own ceremonies, but still want coaching and expert advice. If you'd like a custom ceremony at a lower price, this is a great option. Lynette will provide insight, coaching, and editing as you write your love story. Lynette will also help identify special elements. Then, she'll run the rehearsal and perform the ceremony for you!
Let Lynette build a custom wedding ceremony for you! She'll work with you and your partner to design a ceremony that reflects your union. The most raved-about feature is writing your original love story; the unique signature of your wedding. Lynette will get to know you and by your wedding day, everyone will think you've been friends for years! Includes rehearsal too!

Your day deserves the very best.

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