The Ceremony

As your wedding entertainment specialist, your ceremony will be beautiful, well-planned, well-rehearsed, and everyone in attendance will hear every word spoken! Not only will the officiant have a microphone affixed to them unobtrusively, but there will be an additional microphone hidden within the design of the ceremony space to capture it all while keeping everyone hands-free!

As your guests begin to arrive and take their seats, they will hear your chosen guest arrival music played swimmingly in the background as to not impede on their conversations. Your guests attention will then be captured as we begin to fade out of your guest arrival music into a brief silence. Your guests will then hear the beginning of your processional music as they watch your wedding party walk down the aisle and take their places at the front. The music will then begin to fade into silence once again as the beginning of your individual processional song begins to fill the space. Your closest friends and family will rise from their seats as they watch you walk down the aisle to begin one of the most memorable days of your life!

To make your ceremony an even more true-to-you and personalized experience, consider having us perform as your Officiant!