The Think Tank and Smartphone Trivia Updates

We're off and running with Smartphone Trivia! This is a perfect opportunity to thank every single person that has attended one of our events and shared our events with others they know. We would also like to thank Crowne Plaza Syracuse and Blue Spruce Lounge for being the first two locations to believe in us and our vision for modernizing trivia and making it fun!

New Locations

So, let's get down to business, shall we? We're happy to announce that the following locations are now joining the Classy Cat Entertainment Smartphone Trivia Family:

Currently Open *let us know if there is a spot you would LOVE to go to for Smartphone Trivia on a Monday*

Middle Ages Public House *starting December 19th* 
UNO's (Rt. 31) *starting January 9th*

Crowne Plaza Syracuse

Blue Spruce Lounge
Owera Vineyards *starting January 4th*

We have even more interest than that too! Really looking forward to growing this into the amazing service we know it will be!

The Think Tank

This is something new that we're going to try. We first heard about this from a friend of ours - Rob Charette (a.k.a. Bobby Roastbeef) from Massachusetts! Here's how this works...

At select locations, players can purchase raffle tickets before and during Smartphone Trivia. These raffle tickets are their entry in the drawing for their chance to crack open The Think Tank - a digital safe full of cash (which comes from the sale of raffle tickets) and prizes - we'll be looking for donations and sponsors :)

When one lucky player's raffle ticket is drawn, they come up to the booth and are asked a series of 4 trivia questions. By answering a trivia question correctly, they get one of the digits in the passcode (in sequence). For example, if the person gets the 1st and 3rd trivia questions right, we'll give them the 1st and 3rd numbers of the code. Since the code is always 5 digits long, the player will always have to guess the last digit of the code.

If a player is successful in opening the safe, they win everything inside! However, if they are unsuccessful, the cash and prizes roll over into the next drawing, which will be at another location on another day.

We will be debuting The Think Tank this evening (December 6th)! The very first prize going into The Think Tank will be a FREE Private Smartphone Trivia event. This can be for your co-workers, friends, decide!

Bonus Points For Joining The Trivia Tour

As if you couldn't get enough bonus points, we're offering yet another opportunity to get more points. We already expect that you'll come out for Smartphone Trivia once per week, but we want to reward teams that come out more than once per week.

If you and your team play trivia more than once per week, we'll reward you with 100 bonus points for each additional day that you play. These points can be applied to your League Tournament Score at a location of your choice. That means, if you join us and play trivia on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in a week, you'll receive 200 points that can be divided up between the locations you choose. It's a great way to boost your 8-week scores at various locations and win even more prizes!

We're so excited about everything happening in the world of Smartphone Trivia and look forward to seeing you on this journey! And if you REALLY want to stay in the loop, be sure to enter your phone number in the form below to join our exclusive club! 
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Jonathan Paduano

I am the owner of Classy Cat Entertainment - an award winning, upscale wedding and corporate entertainment company. As an open-format DJ, I love performing at weddings and marquee private events. In my spare time, you can find me watching the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, spending time with my beautiful fiancée Sarah and our cat - Princess - and rat - Stewart.

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