Here Are 17 Perfect Songs For A Modern Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony is your first opportunity to create an experience for your guests that reflect your tastes and style. From the beautiful decor, to the aroma of the venue, to the music you play - everything should help to evoke the emotion and response from your guests that you're looking for.

If you're a modern couple, chances are that you're not looking for the same classical music for your ceremony as your parents had at their wedding. You're most likely looking for a new spin on an old tradition (or a new tradition all together).

There are many ways to go about the selection of the music being played for the ceremony - completely instrumental covers or originals, instrumental covers or originals with a singer, a cappella covers, etc. Today, we're going to go over one of our most-requested playlists for the modern couple.

This playlist is only comprised of selections by two groups - The Brooklyn Duo and The Piano Guys. Both groups do an exceptional job at covering popular songs with an instrumental and modern twist. This list has been created keeping in mind the meditative nature of the guest arrival. During this period, guests arrive to the ceremony location, find a seat, and prepare themselves emotionally to what will soon follow.

Modern Wedding Ceremony

  1. Perfect - Brooklyn Duo
  2. Landslide - Brooklyn Duo
  3. Hide and Seek - Brooklyn Duo
  4. Symphony - Brooklyn Duo
  5. Pure Imagination - Brooklyn Duo
  6. Hallelujah - Brooklyn Duo
  7. Pillowtalk - Brooklyn Duo
  8. Blackbird - Brooklyn Duo
  9. Photograph - Brooklyn Duo
  10. Flashlight - Brooklyn Duo
  11. All of Me - Brooklyn Duo
  12.  Clair De Lune - Brooklyn Duo
  13. Holding On - The Piano Guys
  14. Story of My Life - The Piano Guys
  15. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Piano Guys
  16. Home - The Piano Guys
  17. Just The Way You Are - The Piano Guys
What do you think of the list? Let us know in the comments and share with a person that you know is getting married!

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Jonathan Paduano

I am the owner of Classy Cat Entertainment - an award winning, upscale wedding and corporate entertainment company. As an open-format DJ, I love performing at weddings and marquee private events. In my spare time, you can find me watching the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, spending time with my beautiful fiancée Sarah and our cat - Princess - and rat - Stewart.

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