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Creating the perfect wedding playlist might be a daunting task to most engaged couples when trying to pick music for their celebration. I'm here to tell you that it shouldn't be! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a fantastic little tool - The Music Concierge Wedding Songs Planner!
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Why The Music Concierge App?

It was January 2017 when I first came across this app and I - like many other people in the world - was trying to make my New Years' Resolution. I wanted to start my 2017 wedding season off fresh and that would begin with a new look and approach to how we at Paduano Studios view and organize our music - especially our essential wedding playlists. In turn by being better organized, we would be able to provide a better service experience for our couples. 

One morning, I was looking through the app store for ANYTHING to help set me in the right direction, and after a simple "song planner" term search...there it was! After downloading the app and browsing through its functions, I instantly fell in love!
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As I continued to use the app, I discovered several benefits:
  • You can create a "Favorites" list than can be shared with your fiancée or DJ/Entertainer
  • It's a stand-alone app, meaning everything you do can be seen from your own personal app (you can keep/share multiple lists with multiple people but never lose your own)
  • It's designed specifically for weddings, meaning all songs found in the lists are wedding-appropriate

Ceremony And Reception Songs

The Music Concierge Wedding Songs Planner App search results for ceremony processional songs
One of the really cool features this app offers is the ability to view songs based on a specific wedding formality (i.e. Ceremony, First Dance, Cake Cutting, etc.). Not only that, but you can preview the songs in iTunes to hear what they sound like without having to search for them on another platform like YouTube . Here are the categories available for wedding ceremonies and receptions:
  • Anniversary Songs
  • Bouquet Toss Songs
  • Cake Cutting Songs
  • Ceremony: Processional
  • Ceremony: Bride's Entrance
  • Ceremony: Recessional
  • Cocktail Hour Songs
  • Dinner Music Songs
  • Dollar Dance Songs
  • Father Daughter Songs
  • First Dance Songs
  • Garter Removal Songs
  • Garter Toss Songs
  • Grand Entrance
  • Last Dance Songs
  • Mother Son Songs

As you can see, it covers everything you could possibly need a song for for a wedding ceremony and reception. That's not event the cool part!

Wedding Songs By Decade And Genre

The Music Concierge Wedding Songs Planner App scrolling list of options to choose from
Let's say you're like many other wedding couples and have a hard time remembering song titles or artists. Not to worry because if you know the genre of music, you can still browse the list until something rings a bell. Did I mention that all songs found in this app are "wedding appropriate"? Here's what you can search by:
  • Best 2010's Wedding Songs
  • Best 2000's Wedding Songs
  • Best 1990's Wedding Songs
  • Best 1980's Wedding Songs
  • Best 1970's Wedding Songs
  • Best 1960's Wedding Songs
  • Best 1950's Wedding Songs

And genres:
  • Best Country Wedding Songs
  • Best Hip Hop Wedding Songs
  • Best Hipster Wedding Songs
  • Best Indie Wedding Songs
  • Best Latino Wedding Songs
  • Best Line Dance & Participation Songs
  • Best Pop Wedding Songs
  • Best R&B Wedding Songs
  • Best Reggae Wedding Songs
  • Best Rock Wedding Songs

**The one omission I noticed was Jazz as a genre. However, while browsing though the other categories both by decade and wedding formality, I noticed that the genre is found mainly in the Cocktail and Dinner lists.
All in all, if I personally find it useful as a Wedding DJ, then couples will find it useful too! Take the time and check out this awesome little music planning tool! Oh...and did I mention it's FREE!

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Jonathan Paduano

I am the owner of Classy Cat Entertainment - an award winning, upscale wedding and corporate entertainment company. As an open-format DJ, I love performing at weddings and marquee private events. In my spare time, you can find me watching the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees, spending time with my beautiful fiancée Sarah and our cat - Princess - and rat - Stewart.

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