Meet The Team

A great deal of hard work goes into building a successful DJ company and because of that, we've attracted some of the best entertainers in the area. Each of these talented DJs lives up to who we are and genuinely cares about the success of your event as you do. By getting a chance to meet with and connect with your assigned DJ many times from contract signing through the end of your celebration, you'll gain a valuable partner and friend when it's all said and done.

We try our very best to match you up with a DJ that is best suited for you, your music tastes and personality, but it's very important that you're able to decide this for yourself. You'll have a chance to discuss your plans and wishes with your DJ before booking with us, as that DJ will be the one guaranteed to perform for your wedding. No miscommunication, lost paperwork, unmet expectations and broken promises.

Our goal when we meet with you for the initial consultations isn't to scare you into thinking any other DJ would ruin your event, or to scare you into booking right now, or to showboat and tell you why "we're the greatest thing since sliced bread." Our goal is to get to know you and what your expectations are, and share with you how we can meet those expectations and eventually exceed them.

Below you'll find our roster of highly-skilled, highly-trained DJs that would love meet you and get started on helping you to plan the best wedding celebration!

Jonathan Paduano

Lynette Paduano

Michael Gravelin

Patrick Burke