Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest compliments we get from couples is that we're very honest, open and transparent. We will do anything to help make the decision-making process easier when selecting the right DJ for your celebration. Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Service and Style

What types of events do you specialize in?

Every DJ here at Classy Cat Entertainment is a wedding specialist. They are trained extensively in wedding format and etiquette, and can answer any question you may have regarding any part of a wedding celebration. The bulk of our work is weddings, as it makes up roughly 80% of our total bookings. The other 20% of our work comes from high-end corporate functions, upscale school functions, as well as our nightlife entertainment where we host Smartphone Trivia in select bar/restaurant locations. We DO NOT do children's parties, nightclubs, backyard BBQs or anything similar.

How would you define your "style" or approach to DJ'ing?

We believe that every time a DJ talks on the mic, they're interrupting something. So, unless the DJ has something really important to say, they shouldn't use the mic or should take care of what they need to do off-mic. This allows for your guests to take in the full experience uninterrupted for chunks of the evening. When the formalities are completed and once the dancing starts, a perfect blend of music is all that's needed to make for a memorable second half of the evening, not an endlessly chattering DJ on the mic.

I don't want too many of the traditional and over-played songs at my wedding. Is this possible to do?

Absolutely! We're not attached to tradition - we'll incorporate the music you want to hear in a way that best fits the ambience you're envisioning and trying to create. Not every wedding needs the "Chicken Dance," and we won't force it or songs like it that you don't care for on your guests.
Do you use party props as part of your performance?

Yes and No...No, we don't go out of our way to provide them for you and at every wedding we do. Yes, because if that's what you would like to do...we'll do it because it's your idea of fun and fits your vision! With that said, we aren't the type of company that will harass your guests if they're not on the dance floor, nor are we the type that will get up on the dance floor and teach a line dance. If that's what you're looking for, we're not the right fit for you. There are other companies in the area that specialize in that style of performance. We're interactive to a degree, but not to THAT degree.  

Do you offer additional services like live music, lighting, photobooths, officiant, and dance floors?

Yes we do! You can learn more about those services and others by looking under the Weddings tab!

Music Selection

How involved are you in helping us to pick out out music?

We can have as much or as little involvement in the music selection process as you wish. Just like you hire a caterer for their expertise in food, you're hiring us in part because we have a great deal of knowledge regarding music. We can help you take your eclectic music tastes and determine which songs would fit best at different parts of the evening (essentially programming your music with you). Because we have a great deal of experience with weddings an understand the nuances and differences in atmosphere between ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing, we are perfectly comfortable selecting most - if not all - of the music if you would rather go about it that way. As always, if you find that you need help in this area (especially if trying to blend and balance multicultural music with popular music), your DJ and event management team is always available to answer questions and provide assistance.
How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

We highly encourage you to be as involved in this part of the planning as possible. Most of our couples have a great passion for music and have ideas on what they want to hear. If you wish, you could select every song we play that evening. However, a majority of our couples prefer to discuss their music tastes in depth with their DJ and give a handful of about 20 requests (including an equally short list of songs they would rather not hear). Whatever you decide, rest assured that you'll never hear the songs you don't want played, or the genres you don't like.

How many songs do you have and what kind of music do you have?

We have a diverse and eclectic library of music that we can choose from. Gone are the days when the DJ's library and number of songs were important (we have over 2 million but you'll never hear all of them) in the decision-making process. Now, couples only want to know if you have what they want. The short answer is yes and - if we don't - we can get it! We update our music collection weekly to stay current. Because of these simple facts, we can accommodate any request!

How do you mix the music?

Mixing is a fundamental skill for a professional DJ, but how it's done says a lot about their style. Our goal with mixing is to create seamless transitions between songs in order to maintain the energy on the dance floor. We mix on the spot based upon the feel and what we're observing on the dance floor. We aren't the headliner of your event, nor do we use your event to experiment with new remixes or "bangers." We use the original and most popular versions of each song unless we have a really good reason to do otherwise (like if you request it).

Booking a DJ

How will I know who my DJ will be, and how do I book that DJ for my event?

After you submit a contact form, we'll reach back out to you via email to gather a few more bits of information to help us determine which of our DJs would be the best fit for you. Once we've determined who'll be the right fit, the DJ will reach out to you to schedule a time to chat either in person, on the phone or via a video platform like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. Here, the DJ will learn more about your ideas and wishes, you'll review a sample contract and the DJ will answer any questions that you may have. When you're ready to take the next step in the booking process and reserve your DJ, our office will email out a digital agreement and invoice guaranteeing the services you'd like to secure along with the DJ that will be working with you. You'll have a 5-day window during which to make a decision. Once the decision has been made to book, you'll electronically sign the contract and submit payment. As always, we're always available to help answer any questions or to assist you in any way that we can.

Do you offer different skill levels or "tiers" of DJs at different price points?

The only tiers that we offer are the Owner Tier (Jonathan) and the Associate Tier. The reason for this is due to supply and demand and the quality of a polished product due to experience. Jonathan is highly sought after, whereas some of our associate-level DJs are just starting to get a name for themselves in the area. Every DJ that works for our company has to meet our high standards. If they aren't able to do so, they aren't qualified to represent our company or serve our clients.

Are any of your DJs fluent in other languages?

No, but we're always looking for talent that can provide a talent such as this. Even though our DJs only speak the English language, we are very experienced in multicultural wedding traditions including, but not limited to Middle Eastern, Italian, Greek and Mediterranean.

Contract Terms

How much do you charge?

We offer a la carte options and packages depending on which suits your needs best. Our pricing is based on an objective structure - the month and day of the event, which promotes fairness and ensures consistency to all of our clients. We do not like to subjectively price events based on our estimation of your budget. For example, we don't price events higher if a client is holding their event at an expensive location or venue, or if they were referred by a well-known wedding planner. When you contact us, we'll provide you with a complete and accurate quote in our first email to you. Specific information on our pricing structure can be found on our rates page.

What's included in the cost?

To learn more about what's included in each of our packages, visit our rates page.

Do you offer any discounts?

If we are currently running any promotions or specials, we will include them in our price quote when you check our availability for your date. We’ll always give you our best price without you even needing to ask!

What areas do you serve?

Our standard travel radius is 90 miles (one-way) from Syracuse, NY. Based upon this travel radius, we are able to serve the Utica, Rome, Old Forge, Fort Drum, Alexandria Bay, Oswego, Rochester, Geneseo, Ithaca, Corning, Elmira, Binghamton, Oneonta, and Cooperstown areas at no additional cost.

What are the payment terms if I book your services?

All retainer fees are due at the time of contract signing and within 10 days of your initial consultation with your assigned DJ. The retainer fee of 50% of your total balance guarantees that the services of your assigned DJ are reserved, and includes their unlimited accessibility to you throughout the planning process. The remaining balance is collected 30 prior to your wedding. Classy Cat Entertainment accepts personal and business checks, certified checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal as forms of payment.    

What do you require from my event site?

We require at least a 6-foot banquet table with a linen, and adequate power - a 120-volt, 15 amp circuit on a grounded outlet, ideally on a separate breaker than installed lighting and catering equipment) within 30 feet of where the DJ will be set up.

Are you insured?

Yes we are! We carry a full liability insurance policy for each DJ with a coverage value of up to $2,000,000. If you or your venue would like to request a copy of our insurance policy, we would be happy to provide that for you.


How do you dress for an event?

Out typical attire is that of between business formal and semiformal. We wear a dark colored business suit (or suit that complements the guest attire) with the appropriate accessories. Our goal regarding attire is to blend in seamlessly to the background of photos and to never upstage any wedding party member regarding attire. If a more or less formal attire would be more appropriate for your event, simply let us know and we'll plan accordingly.

When do you arrive to set up for an event?

Our DJs arrive on-site at least 2 - 3 hours before our contracted start time. This allows us to get set-up, test out all of our equipment and swap out anything that is causing an issue, become familiar with the room layout and where things are located, and to just take a deep breath and relax. Our staff may elect to arrive earlier than normal if the setup requirements of your event deem it necessary. 

What kind of equipment do you use?

Our DJs use only the highest quality professional-grade equipment. We strictly use Pioneer, Mackie, QSC, Alto, JBL, TurboSound, Bose, Electro-Voice, Sennheiser, Shure and Apple brands. Wireless microphones are always provided, and wireless speakers are available if your venue layout or design deems it necessary for a quality performance.

How are emergencies handled?

Even though our DJs are some of the most dedicated and ethical people we know, that's not a good enough answer to give. If something were to ever occur, know that you're in the very best hands. We pay one of our DJ's each week to be the "Emergency DJ." They are prepared to go at a moments notice and are equipped with the appropriate attire, equipment, information, and music for every wedding our our schedule for that day. In addition to that, our DJs bring a full set of backup equipment with them to every event, and have been extensively trained to make what they have work if one component goes down at a moment's notice. As for transportation, we are able to provide backup transportation in case of car trouble. We have one of the best and comprehensive backup plans in the area. Our clients have peace of mind because of the many thousands of dollars spent each year to ensure we have a proper backup procedure in place and invaluable training so everyone has the knowledge to troubleshoot any piece of gear in a matter of seconds to ensure the continued success of your event.

Will it just be you or do you bring an assistant?

For weddings, it depends. In most cases, the short answer is no. Our DJs are highly trained to do an exceptional job as both a Master of Ceremonies and a DJ. When we do bring an assistant, it's usually for larger weddings with bigger productions that include lighting and decor so that the setup time can be reduced. Other than that, unless we feel there is a valid reason for your DJ to bring an assistant, they will be there on their own. 

Reasons to Hire

Do you have reviews or references?

We can provide both! We have nearly 100 reviews (with a perfect 5-star rating) on WeddingWire. In addition, if you would prefer to speak to some of your DJ's former clients, your DJ will gladly provide you (upon request) a short list of people who are more than happy to discuss the quality of performance and customer service they received. We won't ask you to "cold call" them - we'll be sure to give them a heads up that they'll be getting a phone call or email from you so they are prepared. We want to do everything we can to help make the researching phase of the wedding-planning process as simple and comfortable as possible.

Can we visit you at a performance?

Unfortunately, we can't permit inquiring clients to "drop in" at a wedding of a current client. Hopefully, our reference, online reviews, and the information we provide you on our website, social channels and in our initial consultation will be enough to showcase our experience, style and professionalism. However, if you still would like to see us in action, we do perform Smartphone Trivia weekly in various bars and restaurants around the area. This may help give you an idea of how we sound on the microphone. Invite your family, friends, and co-workers too!

Do you pay "kickbacks" for referrals?

No. We don't pay kickbacks or referral fees in the form of money, gifts or any other incentives. We are exclusively merit-based when it comes to referrals. We are happy to say that we've earned referrals and endorsements from the area's best wedding planners, venues, caterers, photographers, videographers and other event professionals based solely on the service we provide.

How do you maintain your great reputation while continuing to grow your company?

We hire great people and hold them to a high standard using a standardized set of protocols from initial communication to wedding day preparation and performance. We carefully recruit talent and work with them until they too can embody what it means to be a Classy Cat entertainer. Consistency is key and out reviews are a testament to that.

Why should I choose Classy Cat Entertainment for my event?

We believe no couple should wake up on their wedding day with a doubt in their mind as to how successful their day will be in the eyes of their guests. This begins with trust, and if you trust that we are the right fit for you and can give you the most amazing celebration, then you should hire us. For more information about what makes Classy Cat Entertainment unique, please read Who Are We and Who Are You.

With that said, don't take our word for it! We'll let our past clients do that for us!
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