We've made it our mission to make sure no couple wakes up on their wedding day worrying about how everything will unfold. We want them to be certain their celebration will be a success, and that starts with having the right team of entertainment professionals in place. With the right team, we can help bring your tastes, wishes, and passion for music together in a fun and memorable way!

Our tagline is...simple, yet sophisticated. We want to live by those words, which is why the way we price our services reflects this. We're one of the only DJ companies in the area that offers stress-free pricing that is both standardized and flat-rate. Our pricing is solely based on the day and date of your wedding.

DJ A La Carte

If packages aren't your thing, try our a la carte menu!
DJ Rate: $350 per hour - This is the base rate for any of our amazing DJs. If your celebration is on the longer side (6+ hours), we would recommend selecting a package below as each of our packages include unlimited performance hours.
Ceremony Audio: $500
Uplighting: $600. Learn more about our Uplighting!
Monogram Projection: $300. Learn more about our Monogram Projection!
Pinspotting: $500/20 tables. Learn more about our Pinspotting!
Live Social Media/Multimedia: $500. Learn more below!
Dancing on the Clouds: $325
Photo Booth: $850. Learn more about our Photo Booth!
Dance Floor Lighting: $300
Additional Speakers: $125/each
Travel: $35 per hour each way. First 2 hours from Syracuse, NY are FREE.

DJ Packages

We have put together some packages of our most popular services to help save you time and money!

NOTE: Please, no substitutions. If you would like to add additional services to a package, see the a la carte options above.

The Kitten

If you're looking for a fun and memorable experience with a little dance floor lighting for after dinner, this package is for you!

May - October Events
Saturdays - $1,750 | Fridays/Sundays - $1,550
November - April Events
Saturdays - $1,650 | Fridays/Sundays - $1,450

  • Two (2) detailed planning meetings.
  • Unlimited Reception Hours from Cocktail Hour until the venue kicks us out!
  • Your choice of music for all aspects of the day seamlessly mixed.
  • A highly-trained DJ to guide, inform, and direct your guests throughout the entire celebration.
  • Crystal-Clear and High-Quality Sound System with wireless microphones to ensure your guests can hear every word of your toasts and guest speeches.
  • Fully-insured to give you peace of mind.
  • Classy Dance Floor Lighting to help raise the energy level of your dancing guests!
  • Travel up to 2 hours FREE. Any additional travel is $35 per hour each way.

The Cat

If having amazing lighting is almost as important to you as a killer playlist, then this is your package. This is hands down our most popular package.

May - October Events
Saturdays - $2,500 | Fridays/Sundays - $2,300
November - April Events
Saturdays - $2,400 | Fridays/Sundays - $2,200

Includes everything in The Kitten, plus:
  • Crystal-Clear and High-Quality Ceremony Sound System with wireless lapel microphones to ensure photos are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Wirelessly-Operated and Battery-Powered Uplighting to accentuate and wash the walls of your venue in your wedding color(s) or color(s) of your choice.

The Classy Cat

All the bells and whistles in one affordable package!

May - October Events
Saturdays - $3,250 | Fridays/Sundays - $3,050
November - April Events
Saturdays - $3,150 | Fridays/Sundays - $2,950

Includes everything in The Cat, plus:
  • A modern photo booth for your guests to enjoy for the duration of your celebration! Learn more about our Photo Booth!
  • A personalized digital monogram to use as a cool focal point in your reception space!

Live Social Media

Live Social Media/Multimedia: $500
  • Allow for social interaction from your guests with Instagram/Twitter using a custom hashtag, or SMS/MMS messaging for those without a social media account.
  • Dual 50" Flat Screen TVs so your guests can see what's on the screen clearly!
    • Add an additional screen for $250/each

Multimedia Add-ons
  • Custom Photo Slideshow For Special Dances: $150/each
  • Custom Animated Graphic To Personalize Event: $300
  • Personalized Video Message for Special Dances/Moments:
    • 1 Video: $300
    • 2 Videos: $450
    • 3 Videos: $500
  • Love Story Video To Honor Couple: $500

Crowd Activities

Not looking for a dance party? Interested in games/activities? Check out our Crowd Activities offerings!
Karaoke (includes flatscreen)$500

Smartphone Trivia: $150
  • Venue Provides Audio & TV (TV is optional)
    • Don't have an In-House Sound System?
      • Add an Audio System for $50
    • Don't have In-House TVs?
      • Add a Flatscreen for $250
    • Check out Smartphone Trivia during the week!

Singo (Music Bingo): $200

Family Feud (based on the TV gameshow): $150